First Assignment design?
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First Assignment design?
For the first assignment do we have to add all the behaviours for the objects so when the game runs it works or just make all the objects that will be needed for the game.
2012-09-19 21:54
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RE: First Assignment design?
"In this game, you would set the background colour to black, make objects for pieces of the ladder and platforms, make larger objects for the different burger parts, and create objects for the chef and the various bad guys. Then you assemble a level from these component parts, and prepare to give them behaviours in Assignment 2."
- End of first page in your assignment description. (paragraph 4)

So, the majority of behaviour is reserved for Assignment 2. This doesn't mean you should stop adding behaviour to your objects. The title of the first assignment is "Character & Level Design". So, it is your choice how you balance the design portion with the awesomeness portion.
2012-09-20 00:23
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