All course marks available on Blackboard
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All course marks available on Blackboard
The course has not been available on blackboard throughout the term, but I just made it available, so you should be able to see it.

All your assignment marks, plus an extra "Final Mark" column should be there. I went with (as discussed before) 10% for A6-1 and 15% for A6-2.

Please check all your marks on blackboard. Due to incompatibility between Markus and Blackboard, I had to manually enter all marks from one system to the other and I am sure I have made a mistake somewhere. So, email me if you see a discrepancy between your Markus grade and the one on Blackboard, since the one on Blackboard is the one that will be officially submitted on Friday.

The grades are looking very good (you should be able to see statistics on blackboard). The average is quite high and there are a lot of (13 to be exact) marks above 90! Good job everyone and have a nice summer! Smile
2013-04-16 17:12
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