End of course greetings
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Big Grin End of course greetings
I have posted your score for the final exam together with all other scores on Markus.

The course was not that easy, it required a certain intellectual effort, and the simplicity of presentations was deceiving in most cases.

In general, scores for the final correlate well with the scores for A 3, so learn from that - you cannot prepare for the exam without attempting some exercises.

The bonuses also correlate well with the final exam score, that is why I decided to keep them for their full weight.

I do not think that the scores can be changed easily at this point, just accept them, and ask yourself - what did I really learn and what I understand now that I did not understand before this course. Then you will see that the final grade directly reflects the degree of understanding, and thus it is fair.

I wish you all great summer, it was my pleasure working with those of you who wanted to learn. Good luck!

2016-04-26 20:36
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Thumbs Up RE: End of course greetings
Thank you Professor Barsky, we had a great semester with CSC443. The course material was not easy, but you made it easy for us to understand. I think what we have learned in this course will be very important and beneficial for our future studies and career.

The bonus part for this course was awesome, because we can get more points by spending more time and work harder. More importantly, working on the bonus questions also helps us to learn more understand the materials better.

I can imagine that there will be a long waitlist for enrolling in this course next year. Big Grin
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2016-04-27 08:14
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